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Devonshire Bianco Carrara Polished Floor Design Accent For Your Classy Residence

Devonshire Bianco Carrara Polished Floor Design Accent For Your Classy Residence

A touch of class never fades and neither does it suck. May sound offensive but well these are not my words but the words of a personality who is well known in the fashion industry. Don’t ask questions, the words ring true even in your mind. Class is everything for the rich, really? Not really class is something that everyone wants to achieve. But it does look like a preserve for the affluent because they have the means to achieve it! Class is best exemplified in the spaces that we live in.

How are the finishes in your custom built home? Do they display anything? The touches in your custom built home may or may not bring out a classy look. The floor in the house is one of the most expansive areas that are visible. You can use the floor to bring out the classy look that makes a statement about you. Believe it or not you ca use the floor to tell visitors more about you without uttering a word. The floor design in your lavish home can tell them something about your sex, weight and even age.

The flooring may even provide hours of entertainment to you and your guests. Sounds like something drawn out of a sci-fi movie? Well try out the Devonshire Bianco Carrara Polished floor design. Forget about affordable go beyond bland wood and carpets. The floor design is water jet cut from Bianco Carrara marble. If you like you can call it Carrera marble, a corruption of the authentic product. The marble is extracted from bedrock quarry in Carrara, Italy.

It is one of the finest white or blue-grey marbles mined in Italy. Did I say one of the finest, sorry, it is the finest! Unlike any other ordinary marble, Bianco Carrara is not devoid of accent colors.

This particular floor design in an elegant white color in natural stone and offset with silvery-gray veining can be installed in any room. Once installed it quickly turns your room from ordinary into a masterpiece, a work of real art. The quality of the marble allows the floor design to age gracefully revealing a beautiful patina as it ages.

The flooring design is customizable and surprising you can have it in a different but still fine Italian marble such as Bianco Statuario or Bianco Calacatta. To learn more about the Devonshire Bianco Carrara Polished Floor Design and customization options available visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

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Why Cappuccino Premium Marble Floor is Perfect for Your Residence’s Outdoor


Your home’s outdoor area is quite important. It plays a significant role in the planning of your luxurious home’s construction. The developments that you put in this area can make or break the entire project. If your home’s outdoor area looks boring, the effect will be an overall negative aura about the entire structure. Whether you have a splendidly built bungalow or a classy villa with a boring outdoors the effect will always be the same, negativity.

It is extremely easy for you to turn the boring outdoor area into an elegantly designed entertainment area. Installing an amazing marble floor design will help you achieve this. Cappuccino premium marble is perfect for this purpose. This product is crafted from Carrara. Carrara is the best Italian marble, it is of exceptional quality. This is the same product that was used by world famous artists like Michelangelo, and Canova many years ago. These names must ring a bell.

The marble is great because of its purity and durability. Many people consider the marble to be a close relative to limestone and travertine but it is more denser and harder. Cappuccino marble floor design comes in a honed finish for a more colorful look. This marble floor design dots exterior’s of the Vatican Museum. The floor design is just adorable and loveable.

It will withstand the test of time in your backyard just like it has at the Vatican Museum in Italy. This stone is bound to transform your home’s look and ensure you this look is maintained many years later.  Cappuccino marble features a cappuccino colored background which looks cool under all conditions. At night or during the day you can host your guests’ right here.

The background in light brown and light walnut with a fantastic honed finish delivers an amazing focal point right in the heart of your backyard and garden pathways. The floor design brings with it a lot of flexibility. If you like you can even have it installed next to your swimming pool. In other words you can use it almost anywhere and still achieve a striking visual appeal.

Although the cappuccino comes in a standard size of 406 x 610 x 12, you can have it customized. Customization is the word that best defines Carrara marble products. The customization of this product does not affect the size only; you can also have it in a different color, and finish. If you’re interested in getting to learn more about the Cappuccino marble floor design, visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

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Custom entry with Bernini Medallion

You want a custom entry medallion for your luxury home in New York City. Well, the most important thing you need to note is that the designs and motifs are innumerable. Depending on where you want your “signature” to appear your choice cannot be disputed. For instance, if you own a hotel you may want a number of custom mosaics or medallions placed in the entire lobby while on the other hand; a church may opt to have it somewhere in the locker room.

Anyway whatever the case may be, Custom entry with Bernini Medallion provides you with endless options. This floor design offers convenience. Needless to say, the skilful use of pure Italian marble gives the floor design a magnificent, luxurious look. Nothing compares to what you can achieve in your custom built home with this floor medallion. The beautiful floor medallion creates a lively ambiance something that no other floor design can achieve.

Now that we have your attention, focus on the floor design. If you want a luxurious floor, one that is exquisitely designed then look no further. The Custom Entry delivers exactly that and much more. Call it amazing, call it god sent, the piece is just perfect for your lavish bungalow in the heart of New York City.

Whether in Manhattan or Chicago the floor medallion will grace your home. The floor medallion heightens expectation in the entry way. A quick glance at the floor design and your guest’s mind quickly starts imagining what other surprises are to be expected inside. This stonework is intriguing, literally.

The natural color and sheds of the Italian marble delivers a complimentary appeal to all the décor that existing both outside and inside your beautiful home. As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, or is it beer-holder? Take hold of this medallion. Install this custom entry into your home’s entryway to create a haven where tranquility exists.

The Italian marble from which the floor design is hand carved is unique in many way. The unique characteristics and properties of the stone work together to bring out the best in the stone.  The stone is durable, meaning that you won’t be replacing the floor design any time soon. It may last you a lifetime if you take proper care of it.

Although the stone is tough to withstand every day use it is soft and gentle to your feet. If you love walking about bear feet nothing will stop you. If anything this floor design only goes along to enhance the texture of the surface that you walk on.

This architectural artwork will deliver an aura of excellence in your space. The truth is that guests to your luxurious home will have stories to tell their friends. Much will be said about the beauty that fills your home. Similarly much will be said about the cost of your custom built home. Definitely, among your peers you will be revered for your sense of style and taste.

Need to know more about the custom entry floor medallion? Visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

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Tasteful Marble Flooring in Portofino Medallion

“What’s in a floor?” “Why spend a fortune making decorations on a floor?” These are the questions an average home owner tends to ask. The answer is quite simple; your floor is everything. This simple answer is however loaded with meaning. Ask yourself this; what is the first thing that guests to your residence see? What is the first impression you give to your friends when they come calling?

Do you portray a picture of somebody who is careless or somebody who is meticulous and in control of his destiny? Well, with careful mixture of Portofino Medallion, you will have passed the first test that every guest will silently put you through the very first time they come to your house.

The floor design is crafted out of pure French marble. A marble popularly referred to as Cannes Marble or simply as ‘Griotte’. The marble features freckles of purple but is mostly cherry red in color. A brilliant color that is warm and certainly welcoming. This stone is mainly mined in the limestone quarries of Southern France in the Pyrenees. The marble’s deep cherry red color will confuse some of your guests into believing that you floor design is actually made of rare gemstones. The stone does not come cheaply.

Picture the Portofino Medallion on your floor with the unique appeal of the marble to match and you clearly have a winner. The beautifully artwork that is the Portofino Medallion is fit for installation in any high end custom built home.

The medallion in itself is delivers a hint of the history city of Florence. Florence is a renowned city where Italian aristocrats called home many years ago. With the floor design you will have added apart of history into your luxurious home. Friends and foes alike will be envious of your home.

A mix of colors is offered by this floor design. The colors are beautiful for a lack of a better word to describe them. Every bit of color seems to fall perfectly in place to complete the natural deep cherry red color of the stone. Your dream home will come to life with the floor design in place.

Because the medallion does not come cheap, allow an expert to install it otherwise you could end up wasting everything that you put your money into. Your home will soon be among the high end homes that are adored in Bel Air, and in Miami. In these places custom homes are known to feature magnificent decorative elements.

You have your luxurious villa fitted with Portofino medallion to make it one of those unique homes in your neighborhood. The floor design will fit perfectly anywhere in your custom built home.  You can have it in the entryway, living room, bedroom or study. If your home features a ballroom, the medallion would fit here very well and the result – a lovely ballroom! That is filled with color.

After all, you will only have the décor done once. Let your money work for you. Life is too short to worry about budgets; it will be more worthwhile living if you can make the best out of it. Make your dream home a luxury resort of sorts with this floor design. For more information about the Portofino Medallion, visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc


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Add Value to Your Residence in Beverly Hills, California, By Properly Installing Marble Floor Design

Marble floor design is a premier decorative element in most high end homes. Adding this floor design in your custom built home brings beauty and a pleasing change that enhances your home’s elegance. The elegant feeling brought into your space by the floor design comes from the marble’s smooth, flat and highly polished surface. Marble floor design can be used to enhance both the interior and exterior of your home. Any room in your Beverly Hills home can benefit from marble floor design.


18 - Masters Library

It takes real skill and experience to properly install the floor design. Lack of skill and experience in the installation will be evident in surface variations, which detracts the eye from the floor design’s beauty. Precautions must be taken well before the installation work begins. First and foremost when you receive your shipment from your supplier inspect the package.

Look out for two main things in the package: cracks and flatness. Cracks on the floor design can occur during shipping. Cracks also come about as a result of the material itself and during installation but just make sure that not a single piece is cracked before installation. In checking for flatness you will check to see that all edges on the marble are even. If any of the edges are bigger or higher they will make the floor look irregular.

The floor design is a thin, flat piece that is made of pure marble with its edges cut square and sharp. This natural stone is inherently durable but somewhat brittle, making it susceptible to cracks. For this reason you must take special measures when installing it. It is important that the floor design is installed over a perfectly level and smooth surface.

There is an industry standard for the surface of the substrate – a variance of no more than 1/4 inches over 10 feet length. Any variance that is bigger than this will leave the floor design unevenly supported causing cracks when you step on the floor after completing the installation. The finished surface for the installation must be flat and smooth.

Preparing the surface of the floor will take you some time but once its done perfectly installation will be easier. When installing the floor design you will use a thin-set cement. Take note of the joint width between the marbles, ideally it should be between 1/16” and 3/32”. The lippage between the marbles needs to be less than 1/32”. Any installation that exceeds these tolerances would not be suitable for your home.

Repairing the marble floor design can be prohibitively expensive and labor intensive. If many of the marbles on the floor design are damaged for any reason, tearing an area and making a new installation is the easiest way to get over the problem. You can get more information about floor design from various sites including the likes of Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

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Best tips on Cleaning outside French Limestone Floor

When cleaning the French limestone floor, a lot of precautionary measures have to be taken. Limestone is mostly used inside buildings on floors, counter tops and tiles. However, there are times when it is used on the outside mainly for providing edging features to pavers, gardens and pathways. When it is outside the house, cleaning procedures may differ slightly from those used on interior limestone.

Any exposure of German limestone fireplace mantel or Indiana limestone fireplace mantel to acid in the form of cleaning detergents can cause irreparable damage to it. By nature, limestone is a durable but this does not spare it from suffering damages when it gets into any form of contact with acid-based chemicals. The use of a leaf blower at controlled temperatures is recommended for outside limestone.


If your limestone travertine mantel is already damaged, you need to take great care when cleaning it. If it is fitted outside and you feel compelled to use a hose pipe, make sure that the pressure is kept under control lest it damages the surface further by increasing the cracks. A nylon brush is perfect in cleaning the surfaces of French limestone hood. Hot soapy water is also safe to use when cleaning limestone.


These tips are applicable irrespective of whether you live in Toronto, Vancouver, California or any other region. When buying a cleaning detergent for use, you must ensure that it is labeled clearly on the surface that it can be used to wash limestone surfaces. If there is no such warning on the label, continue with your search until you are able to get the exact cleaning detergent you need for this job.


When you are using water to clean limestone surfaces, try to observe whether it is absorbing this liquid or repelling it. If it is absorbing water, get a sealer that is marked for use on limestone surfaces and seal it off.

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Consider Marble Floor Design to Add Value to The Look And Appeal of Your Residence in Irving, New York

The flooring, ceiling and walls of your house must match each other to have that overall appearance you want your house to have. One can possibly spoil the other if these details are not considered. Choosing the perfect type of flooring is very crucial to. It has to beautifully blend with your furniture and other home decors and details. Despite the availability of several types of flooring, marble floor has surpassed them all when it comes to quality and style. Your house in New Jersey can be decorated by any marble floor design that will match its environment, features and details. Even professional interior designers use and recommend marble medallions, marble inlaid, round foyer marble designs and more marble materials to include in the house. The reasons why many home designers and those that are not pro in interior decorating prefer marble materials are its durability, flexibility to adapt, sturdiness, classic and stylish appearance and the coolness it can provide to the room. 


This natural made stone has various uses. It can be used as marble insert on your counter top  marble inlaid table, and decors for the walls of any room. One widely used marble floor design is the marble tiles which are offered in three different kinds. These three are polished tiles, honed tiles and sand tiles. Each of this type provides different physical appearance to the house but absolutely have the same uses. You can ask marble flooring, marble insert, marble mosaic, marble medallions and marble borders manufacturer like Marvelous Marble Design Inc for the designs that they offer. For faster communication you may call 1-888-272-0630. Any marble floor design can bring huge effects to any room of your house it will be placed. Always be certain of the manufacturer you are dealing with. One practical decision to make these days is to pick marble flooring for your house may it be in Houston, New Jersey, Dallas or San Diego.

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How Marble Medallions And Marble Inlaid Accent And Add Value to Your Home in Houston, Texas

Comparing the kind of lifestyle people are living today with that of ancient period, it is miles and miles away. People in the past had lived a very simple way of life in the absence of all the modern technologies that we have at the present. But they all lived comfortably and safe in their houses. With the innovation and evolution that has happened in the society, people in general desire for a more luxurious and easier kind of life. One thing that people has still adapted from the past is the use of stone materials for their houses. This includes marble floor design, French limestone floor and granite floor design of utmost quality as well as endurance. Being elegant is not shown through very expensive furniture, home decors or appliances to fill your Houston Mansion. All you have to do is to make the necessary additional details to your house. 


Marble inlaid used as tables and marble insert for your kitchen tabletop can already grant a huge improvement to your house. Flooring is very important. If you wish to step on your floor and feel how it is like to be a royalty, then you can choose from French limestone floor, marble floor and granite floor design. Despite their being used for centuries already, they all have this untimely beauty and class. Granite floor design can come in various colors, style and design that will certainly suit every personality. They all contain unique features and their quality of being durable is the common characteristic they have. You can match your marble decors with granite floor design. Even marble borders can be a good match to your granite made walls. It is just about creativity and sense of elegance. You can make combinations or formulate your own floor pattern by checking sites of manufacturers like Marvelous Marble Design Inc. or inquire via phone by calling 1-888-272-0630.

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Where to Find The Best Marble Floor Design And Medallions in Beverly Hills, California

The overall appearance of the house as well as its details can tell the personality of the people who reside in it. If you are a practical person you will not prefer cheap materials that are of low quality. Like for instance in the flooring of your house. Since this is the part of the house that receives a lot of weights, stains, and scratches of the foot wears of the people who go around the house, you have to make sure that you choose best materials for it. Marble floor as it is made of marble stone is very long lasting and can stand anything. It is also resistant to stains which enable marble medallions to maintain their appearance even for a lifetime. 


California is one of the places in the US that has the most populace. You can see different types, designs and styles of houses. Most of the houses have marble made materials like marble insert, marble medallions, marble borders and more marble materials to give their house the best look they can have. Houses with water jet cut marble foyer attract the attention of passersby because of their fantastic appearance. This is true particularly if they are emphasized by marble borders. Marble materials are good investments to include in your house. Why? It is because once you decide to find a bigger place for your family than what you have at present, you can sell your California house at a good price because of the long lasting marble materials you have used. Whether you will be moving to Texas, Maryland or Montana, it would be wise to use marble floor for your living room and walls of your house as well because of the value it can add. Marble flooring can provide cozy ambiance which can help calm your mind if you are stressed from your daily activities. Check out the marble materials designed by Marvelous Marble Design Inc. to have a glimpse of how can marble be able to make you house look pleasing. Call 1-888-272-0630.

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Custom Designed And Water Jet Cut Marble Mosaics in Miami, Florida

One form of art that is undeniably astounding is the art of mosaic. Various architectural buildings and establishments make use of mosaic for centuries already. Even in the past, mosaic has been viewed by people as one of the strikingly lovely feature of a house or building. During the ancient period, the usual materials use in mosaic art is ceramics and glasses. But as the years had passed, mosaic artists were able to notice the extraordinary elegance of marble. They have seen its capacity to make any simply designed establishment look amazingly classy. Marble mosaic comes in many different marble floor patterns that contain different colors. You can make marble mosaic as marble floors or marble inlaids to decorate any rooms of your house. 


Stone mosaics are long lasting and will serve their purpose for centuries if taken care well. Marble mosaic is one of the stone mosaics that it has a timeless beauty. Meaning even in these modern days, they are considered to be one of the top materials use to accentuate houses, offices and other establishments. Mosaic marbles that are designed accordingly cannot only help decorate your walls or floors but ceilings and foyers as well. You can possibly have it matched with your marble floor and Italian medallions. Marble mosaic will match any furniture and design of the house even your French limestone floor. Custom built marble mosaic is much more interesting because every details of it is very detailed. You can have it made according to your own likeness. You have a wide variety of marble mosaic designs that you can check in stores or direct to the manufacturer like Marvelous Marble Design Inc. by calling their landline 1-888-272-0630. Do not hesitate to prefer marble floor design for your new or renovated house if you are after of materials that can last for a long time.

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