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Elaborate and Luxury Marble Floor Designs

What is the distinguishing element or feature that is noticeable in your custom built home? Generally custom built homes are meant to standout. They are statement making. If there isn’t anything that is outstanding about your “custom built home” then that is just a simple home – a home with nothing special.

How do you make your custom built home standout? That is a more probable question for any high end home owner. The simple answer to this rather complex question is – work on your home’s floor design. Flooring offers an opportunity for you to make a bold statement. It is also a great avenue which can be used to add personality into your living space.

The elaborate Spanish marble floor design is spot on! This is a perfectly designed product for your high end custom built home. Crafted from a stunning Spanish marble, quarry near Novelda, Spain, this masterpiece displays some white crystals and veins of white and clear calcite. The beauty, maintainability and durability of this rock is not adversely affected by water.

luxury marble design


As the name of the design suggests, this is an elaborately designed marble floor. The elaborate design is created to exude elegance and class. However, the Spanish marble used on its own is classy enough. If this Luxury Marble Floor Designs won’t give your home that deservingly high end cozy and comfortable aura, then nothing will.

The Luxury Marble Floor Designs couldn’t be complete with the polished finish. This stylish finish gives you a smooth surface which is also shinny. This Luxury Marble Floor Designs in Spanish marble are in three different colors beautifully combined together. Dark emperador is used to create a circular border on the design with light emperador and white tones used to create some magnificent patterns. Outside the huge circular border the design is adorned in spectacular white. All the pieces are beautifully brought together to create a cohesive masterpiece that is a pillar of peace and tranquility.

This floor design gives you style and quality at the best price for your luxury home. To help extend the durability of the floor design it is recommended that it be sealed. To ensure that you get a product that is uniquely yours, the design can be altered in a number of ways including sculpturing it from any other type of marble you choose. To learn more about the elaborate Spanish marble floor design, please call us at 1-888-272-0630.

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Elegant Black-White Colored Italian luxury marble floor designs

Dreams do actually come true, and like someone said, your dreams are valid! For your custom built home you’re probably looking for something that will make your home standout. What better way to make your home look classy and more elegant than to have Italian marble flooring? The elegant black-white colored Italian marble floor design it is.

This elegant Italian luxury marble floor designs are minimalistic in color, but with a strong color combination. The creamy white on the design is a color that I personally refer to as a rich color. It is a color with a flat power spectral density. The combined colors offer a great contrast in your living space. The two are cool and exciting.

luxury marble floor designs

This luxury marble floor designs are rather versatile with the ability to adorn your living room, bedroom, kitchen and even the theatre room. It works in just about any space in your custom built home. The floor design epitomizes quality craftsmanship in marble flooring. The floor design is light schematic and it is sure to deliver your luxury space with a great mood. By adding this elegant black-white colored Italian marble floor design you will be taking the easy and elegant way to create your theme throughout.

The mixing of the two colors is done artfully in elaborate patterns. It is a reflection of the product’s superior quality. The colors radiate from the “heart” of the design outwards. At the centre, where everything seems to originate from, the patterns are smaller and narrower and they get bigger and wider as they extend outwards. The “growth” in size of the patterns creates an enchanting effect for the whole room.

As you might know, one of the prized qualities of marble floor is its ability to take amazing polish finish. This Italian marble design has been buffed and it glistens in the light. The design will actually glow in a well lit room. The highly polished finish also presents your home with a floor design that is perfectly smooth to the feet.

If you want a floor design with a difference, then get your hands on this lovely, one of a kind Italian marble floor design. Some additional touches to create a piece that is truly you can also be include upon request. Some of the personalized touches may include anything from a different type of marble to fusing several other colors and custom installations. If you would like additional information about the Black-White Italian Marble Floor Design, do not hesitate to call our design experts at 1-888-272-0630.

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Calacatta marble Flooring is the Perfect Choice for The Grand Entryway

When used for the entryway without any embellishment, marble flooring is intrinsically elegant and can make the expansive floor of your luxurious home look stunning. It is also possible to customize the floor of your entry way with intricate designs that are complemented using beautiful hues of natural marble.

One of the best choices for your entryway is a marble floor design made from calacatta slabs. You can order custom sizes for your high end home. You can choose the marble patterns and colors and the design will be install to your specifications. calacatta marble floor designs can also be enhanced with square, circular or oval borders of a complementary marble.

calacatta marble flooring

Alternatively you can use Bianco Carrara mosaic medallions. These offer more choices because they are composed of tiny marbles that can be easily fixed into curves and delicate patterns. The medallions are available in one piece and in a wide range of sizes and colors. They are produced ready to fix in a particular space of your luxurious home and do not need anything more than grouting in order to be complete.

Another great option for the entryway of your luxury home is Bianco Calacatta marble flooring rugs. You can choose between square or rectangular shaped inlaid Bianco Calacatta marbles that are available in ready to install sections. One good thing about this option is that you can choose the colors and designs. Mosaic floor designs have a close resemblance to wool or other textile rugs and offer more choices compared to traditional stone rugs that are primarily geometric.

After choosing a floor design for your custom built home, you can have it sculptured in custom color and the right scale to fit the area where they are supposed to be installed. Custom floor designs can include anything that you want to make the desired impression. They offer color and a stylish finish to the entry without adding clutter or taking floor space.

If you like you can have the floor design in satin finish. This will not just elegance to your home but also ensures that you get a long lasting entryway. Therefore, when it comes to adding personalized touches to your home’s entryway, the options are endless. Your creative mind should allow you to get a unique entryway. To learn more about marble floor designs and their transformative nature in the home, visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.





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Selecting the Best Interior limestone Floor Designs

Redesigning the floor of your luxury home can be an exciting yet frustrating endeavor. With different floor design options available, it is necessary for a savvy homeowner to learn and review the dynamics of the material, its value and how to repair scratches and remove stains on it. There are different types of floor designs and their applications in a luxury home differ.

french limestone floor designs

limestone floor designs are available in a wide range of textures and colors. They are known for their durability. With their low water absorption, the designs are not only extremely durable but require little maintenance. Since porcelain is stain resistant, they can be used for indoor and outdoor flooring in your high end home. They maintain stability under the most extreme flooring conditions. In comparison to other type of floor design materials, porcelain floor designs are chosen for their richness in color.

Ceramic designs on the other hand also come in a range of colors and textures to create a natural floor finish and look. If you would like to have a more pleasant cleaning experience in your custom built home, consider buying this type of flooring material. Ceramic floors are also considered to be the least expensive and most efficient. Therefore, they are a good option for the budget conscious homeowners. While it is not easy to install ceramic floor designs when compared to other types, the cost of the material is significantly lower.

However, ceramic designs will in most cases outlive other floor material and are generally slip resistant and this provides an additional advantage to the use of ceramic over other floor design compositions.

Marble designs are known to be elegant. These natural products add beauty and value to the home. However, they can easily be scratched and stained and therefore, shouldn’t be used in high traffic areas. The floor designs can also be extremely slippery when wet and should not be used as a flooring option for the kitchen and bathroom. Since they are high end products, marble designs should be installed by a professional.

A floor design crafted from Bianco Carrara, the best marble in the world will add more value to your custom built home. The marble is known for its elegance and durability. Therefore, when it comes to interior flooring design options, the possibilities are endless. To learn more about floor designs and how to get the very best visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.



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Transform your space with beautiful marble floor medallions


Home design experts suggest that the look of your living space can be an indication of your personality. This is why it is very important to pick the right floor material for your home or office. Unlike what many homeowners think, when it comes to enhancing the look and appeal of luxurious homes with floor medallions, there are unlimited possibilities. Whatever area you want to improve its décor, whether it is the living room or even the dining room, the decorative additions can add life to your floor and even increase the value of your property.

marble floor medallions

Nowadays, it is not strange to use floor medallions to spice up the look and appeal of the custom built home. Thousand of homes and offices have made use of medallions to enhance the appeal of their high end properties. Adding the floor design in your home will add beauty and improve the elegance of your home, whether it is in the interior or exterior.

One great advantage of the floor medallion over hardwood floors is that they are available in unlimited options. From their colors, shapes and sizes, there are endless possibilities. On top of this, if you do not find something that suits your need, you can have the inlays customized to suit your custom built home. Therefore, whether you are looking for a decorative design, a family crest or a nautical theme, it can always be crafted to suit your specifications. You can also opt for a custom border.

A popular choice for most homes and which is worth trying is the round marble floor medallions. These are available in a wide range of sizes and color schemes. Another good alternative is the Italian medallions as they are also available in unlimited options.

When choosing the marble floor medallions, size is of outmost importance. Therefore, before you head to the home improvement store, be sure to measure the size of your space where you want the floor medallions fixed. This will ensure that you avoid wasting any materials for your high end home. Also, you will ensure that you have enough materials for your home. When it comes to the question of the durability of the floor medallions, you can be assured that the material will withstand the test of time. The floor medallions will definitely transform the look of your home and you can be assured that your guests will be impressed by your taste of the fine things in life.

For more information about floor medallions visitMarvelous Marble Design Inc.




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Why choose marble flooring border designs for your luxurious home

Why choose marble flooring designs for your luxurious home

Marble floor design has been around for many years and is now making a great comeback in home remodeling. When installed in your high end home or office, it screams of luxury, magnificence and quality. Though it is expensive to buy and have it installed, the comfort that comes with the flooring material is in a class of its own. There are several reasons why you should choose marble for your space.

marble flooring border designs

When it comes to durability, nothing matches marble flooring. From all parts of the world, you will find marble floors that were installed thousands of years ago and are still as beautiful as they were then. Some of the key buildings that show the durability of marble flooring include the Romans (27B.C) and Greek (400 B.C) Parthenons and the Aztec Temple of Tenochtitlan which was constructed in 1400’s. The Lincoln memorial built in 1922 and the TAJ Majal built between 1633 and 1635 also used marble extensively.

There is enough proof that the material doesn’t wear out even after millions of feet steps on its surface. If you are looking for a durable material for your luxurious home, marble flooring may just be the best option for you. The material has a high density that makes it resistant to stains and scratches.

Marble flooring is also a DIY project and this can help you to minimize the cost of installation. Laying marble designs is similar to ceramic and travertine tiles. Therefore, marble flooring is a perfect do-it-yourself (DIY) for any space in your custom built home. Whether it is for your bathroom floor or even the countertop, marble flooring looks classy. And since it is available in a wide range of colors and styles, your choice is unlimited.

With marble flooring, it is possible to increase the value of your home. Faux wood and linoleum appears cheap. But when you install marble flooring, you will be overwhelmed by offers for your luxury home as homebuyers will be attracted to the beauty of the home. Just in case you do decide to sell it.

When tastefully done, the marble flooring border designs can add thousand of dollars in the resale value of your home. If you are allergic to dust or have troubles with carpets, marble is just the perfect choice for you. It is naturally resistant to the build up of bacteria and allergens. Mold and fungus have no room in this high quality material. With a dust mop, it is possible to take care of dust, pet hair and dirt.

The marble floors are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles. If you have a taste for Spanish styles, you can always opt for the Spanish Cream Marfil. To learn more about marble floor designs visitMarvelous Marble Design Inc.


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Bianco Carrara Paradise Polished Marble Floor Design

Bianco Carrara Paradise Polished Marble Floor Design for a Statement Making Finish for Your Custom Built High-end Home

At first, you probably were thinking of getting just a roof over your head. Then it was a hassle! Then it came to a period when you could sit down and think about having a custom built home. The custom built home was to be a culmination of your success. Looking at the progress you could actually take a sit and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Or would you like to call someone to do the honor?

bianco carrara

Getting your custom built luxurious home in a beautiful neighborhood is certainly a dream come true! Owning a home is a dream that many of us chase for many years. Others chase it for a lifetime and die while chasing it! Well one great rapper put it aptly, “Get Rich or Die Trying!” We all chase different dreams but owning a home is shared by all. And we chase this dream till we actualize it or just die while trying.

Great then if you are about to get your dream home completed. Let others play catch up! What you need to do is to make the home look distinct. It should tell your story. It should portray your achievements in life. The monies in your bank accounts should be evident in the home. The home must be a statement making luxurious home.

A luxurious floor design is an all important component of your luxurious home. The home cannot be said to be luxurious if you do not have a luxurious floor design. The Bianco Carrara Paradise Polished marble floor design is exactly the piece that is needed in your dream home. This gorgeous marble floor design will be just perfect for enhancing the beauty in your home!

Skillfully carved out of pure Bianco Carrara marble the floor design’s look is enhanced by the beautiful red and white hues added on to the naturally white stone. The theme is repeated through the entire piece. At the edge the stone floor design is accentuated with exquisite golden brown Bianco Paonazzetto marble pieces.

This beautiful floor design for a luxury interior will offer your custom built home with a perfect finish. The fantastic floor design can be installed in the dinning room, the bar, or even in the living room. This beautiful Bianco Carrara floor design can be produced in a combination of colors that work best for you. To learn more about the Bianco Carrara Paradise Marble floor design please visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.



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Chiaro Tumbled marble Floor Design for Your Custom Built High-end Home


You are on top gear trying to get your high end custom built home completed, right? You must be feeling really proud of yourself, right? Then an amazing high end home is exactly what you need to enjoy your success! Elegant touches and luxurious amenities are the only things that you need to include in your home to please yourself.

A great floor design is just one of those things which will reflect your success and help you enjoy it. The floor is open to public scrutiny. This is one of the places that all and sundry get o see. Many a times people who are a little nervous will spend more time staring at the floor. Their eyes will pick all the finer details on the floor. However, the stare is not just for the nervous, people who appreciate beautiful works of art stare a lot! If not, how would they pick out the details and the fine lines?

Chiaro Tumbled floor design is a unique and certainly rare kind of floor design that is fit for your custom built home. The marble floor design is sculptured from Bianco Calacatta marble; one of the finest marbles in the world. The stone comes at a premium! It exclusively features in high end homes. It is a preserve of the wealthy. People with the money to spend not people who are just considered to be rich. I trust you know the difference between the two. If you don’t, just Google and you will get an appropriate answer.

The Chiaro Tumbled marble floor design is beautiful and magnificently designed to introduce a new architectural style into your home. The Chiaro introduces a fantastic French Chateau styling which is soothing and pleasant to the eye. Do you love moderate color variations? Chiaro offers this and much more. Its rich browns and soft yellow hues in a white background look stunning.

The chiseled edges of the floor design create a more rustic visual appeal. For a hawk eyed individual the subtle cracked earth look hidden behind the elegant hues of the stone and its veining become noticeable.

The Chiaro Tumbled floor design delivers a magical atmosphere and an ambience that is fit for a royal party! This natural stone floor design comes in various sizes. It can also be offered to you in a polished finish to deliver more shine into your luxurious space. For more information about the Chiaro Tumbled floor design call on Marvelous Marble Design Inc.



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Crema Marfil marble Floor Design

A Floor Design with an Effect like no Other for Your Custom Built Home

When constructing your dream home you need to be conversant with the building materials that you can use. In addition you also need to try and figure out what will bring out the very best in your custom built home. For this reason you will have to do your “homework” very well. If for any reason you are not able to figure out these things, a professional can be hired to help.

Crema Marfil marble is one of the natural stones, a building material that you can use to accent your custom built dream home. This marble is a highly compact kind of stone that is formed from limestone rocks. The stone is mined in the West Alicante province and North of Murcia province in Spain. The stone has a creamy background and a tone that varies from light to medium. The stone offers a natural look anywhere it is used.

Crema Marfil is highly regarded and its does not come cheaply. It only adorns high end homes. A classic floor design is another item that you need to have for your custom built home to make it complete. A great piece of floor design will compliment everything that is brought into the home. The ultimate result will be an adorable home!

Devonshire Crema Marfil floor design brings you a classic design that incorporates the two issues discussed above. With the Devonshire you will get a floor design that is crafted by hand out of the finest Crema Marfil marble. The stone offers a homogenous tone which is pleasant to the eye and the veining is quite elaborate. The Crema Marfil used to sculpture the Devonshire floor design is of the highest grade with no mineral intrusions, a rare thing in natural stones.

This beautiful marble floor design displays the mosaic beauty within its classic design. The effect of this is an eye pleasing addition to your home’s floor. With its fine neutral colors, it offers timeless elegance. The floor design is a nice compliment to any art décor and it can be installed in any room.

Devonshire Crema Marfil floor design is designed to help you relax. The maze like pieces on it add an element of fascination. The floor design comes in various sizes and you can also have it customized to fit your needs. To learn more about the Devonshire Crema Marfil floor design visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.



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The Bernett marble Floor Medallion Character and Style in Your Custom Built Home

 Every home has a story. What is the story about your custom built home? Some of the stories that you will hear from some home owners may be harrowing while others are simply fascinating.

Your custom built and certainly luxurious home needs to tell an interesting story, a story about the person who owns it. Your luxurious space must say something about your achievements in life. The quality of workmanship on your home is the only thing that can speak volumes about you, not your words!

Bernet marble floor medallion is exactly what you need to help you tell a beautiful story effortlessly. Bernet marble floor medallion is a masterpiece that is artfully crafted from pure Italian marble, the finest marble in the world. The marble is known as Bianco Carrara. The natural stone features minimal veining, which makes it quite attractive.

Bianco Carrara marble is created by nature to provide the most amazing gem fit for use in any palace. With the piece you will be creating your own palace. You will be the king! The queen, well, you know more about her. That is a story for another day; let us leave it at that.

Bernet will become a reference point in your home’s entrance once it is installed. The eye will always be trailed on this magnificent piece of art. The floor medallion displays dedication and commitment to perfection and luxury. It symbolizes class. The noticeable European influence on the design helps bring a touch of classical European antiques into your luxury home.

Bernet is designed to complement the floor that is in your custom built home. Whether you have a marble floor or a hardwood floor the Bernet will help to make your home glow. The classical detailing and the patterns galore on this pearly white stone in French design will always be appreciated.

The medallion’s design draws inspiration from some of the most elegant Persian carpets. The invert curve selection that is subtly included in the design is something that is drawn from the Da-Vinci. The relief patterns are from some of the most beautiful works of art done in Spain. Everything on the piece is perfectly placed to give it an elegant look that would go down well in your fabulous home.

The immaculate nature of the Bernet makes the floor medallion fit for use even in the hallway. Get to learn more about the Bernet floor medallion at Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

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